The History Behind P.J. Ellis Electric Company

The dream of owning his own business for Peter J. Ellis Sr. began in his early childhood. He carried that dream with him while he worked in a war factory during WWII. After the war he was employed as a local 38 union electrician and always felt there was a better way of treating the customer and the employee.

In the spring of 1966, he made that dream a reality. He invested his life savings and began the P.J. Ellis Electric Company, Inc. The company rapidly grew from its humble beginning and quickly established itself as one of the premier electrical contractors in the city of Cleveland.

In order to provide the customer excellent service, the company has remained at about 20 field electricians. Since then the company has been owned and operated by his 6 children all of whom have been active in the business from its inception. It is through this consistency and experience that the company has remained at the forefront of electrical contractors in Cleveland.

Peter J. Ellis Sr.